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So you want to be an actor?

With Rick Harkness

This unique business of acting for film and TV informational session will expedite your understanding of the industry and provide a comprehensive overview of how to become a working actor while having ongoing access to a trusted mentor for free long after the session ends!

The obvious choice would be to take a beginner acting course and figure out the rest as you go. Unfortunately, that is what everyone else does until they realize years into it they have gaps in their knowledge.

Instead, be strategic and organized with a solid path and understanding of what to expect down the road. Do not learn by trial and error. There is a better way! Save time and money while quickly gaining traction by taking this course! You may also use this class to determine if acting is a good fit for you and the challenges it may present.

  • Discover effective acting techniques to help develop your talent.

  • Learn how to break down a script.

  • Understand how to identify the roles you are best suited for.

  • Tips for marketing yourself online and networking to create your own projects.

  • Get the guide for buying a self-tape audition studio on a budget with all the apps, books & additional resources needed.

  • Explore the audition process firsthand, and get in front of the camera now without taking a separate course to experience the process.

And much, much more before you even take your first acting class!

Think of this as a buffet you get to sample and experience all the main areas of your acting journey before you get there, so there are no surprises. You will feel prepared and excited to start your acting career the right way!

Whether you are new to acting or have just started, we leave nothing out. Get insider access now by hitting the "Register Here" button below!

class info




starting July 16

10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.


hst included


Instructor:Rick Harkness


starting July 17

6:30-9:30 p.m.

So you want to be an actor?

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