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On Camera Intermediate
Scene Study

With Conrad Coates

In our scene study classes you don’t just memorize lines.
We lead you through a series of exercises that allow you the actor to open yourself  up explore and experience different aspects of character through active listening and focus exercises, subtext analysis, use of props, emotional and sense memory recall and more.

You’ll learn how to break down text in detail, paying attention to the character's objectives, their obstacles, tactics, and emotions. Applying a repeatable actioning technique along with the use of verbs, you will be able to direct your focus on the characters objectives and play your intentions stronger.

By understanding the characters backstory and intentions as written by the writer- no trying to remember made up insignificant facts and imaginary circumstances instead we guide you on how to recognize, understand and use the text to create alive, energetic characters.
We instruct you in the use of subtext- the unspoken meaning beneath the words. By identifying the underlying emotions, desires, and intentions of the character along with playing the subtext you create a much more present, alive and authentic performance for yourself.

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or wednesdays



6:00-9:00 p.m.


Instructor: Conrad Coates

On Camera Intermediate Scene Study

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